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Cyclopolis is certified Shimano Service Centre and Campagnolo Pro-Shop. We have only experienced technicians with a wealth of know-how and dedication to complete the service to the highest standards; moreover, they are certified to the highest Cytech level. We offer a full range of repairs and maintenance services in our extensively equipped workshop facilities.


We pride ourselves on our mechanical expertise, quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Service costs for Single Speed (no-geared) Bicycles:

General Service


Overhaul Service


FREE visual assessment of the bike and estimated quotation for labour and parts

Complete frame wipe down, frame and fork checked for cracks and alignment

Tyres checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure

Wheels, bars, stem and bolts: checked and tightened

Brake Service: adjusted, any replacement parts required fitted

Gear Service: adjusted, indexed, any replacement parts required fitted, lubricated

Wheel bearings tightened and rims checked for wear

Bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted

Headset checked and adjusted

Deep drive-train clean: parts removed, cleaned by Bio-Remediation Technology, lubricated

Bike completely cleaned: all parts removed and washed, bike re-greased and re-built

Wheel truing: complete alignment in truing machine, spoke tension locked with spoke nipple freeze

Bottom bracket removed, re-greased and refitted (frame faced & thread chased if needed)

Hub internals removed , cleaned, checked, re-greased and re-assembled

Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, re-greased and fitted (frame faced if needed)

Bike test ridden by mechanic  

General  Service   £75 Overhaul  Service    £150

•  Prices are for labour only and excludes the cost of any parts required. VAT inclusive.

• We recommend servicing your bike every 6 to 12 months, or every 500-1000 miles.


• We provide free estimates prior to any bike repair. If you are not sure what you need, bring in your bike and we will help you to make the right decision without spending a dime.

•  Our workshop can get very busy rapidly reducing our available free storage space. Therefore, we ask you to promptly collect your bike once completed. We do charge a storage fee of £10 per day if you do not collect your bike within 48 hours of completion.


Company info

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